need argument essay tonight



Argument Essay: 600 to 800 words

Task Assignment

Complete the following for this assignment:

Topic :  The justice system


·         Formulate a research question to help you narrow your topic by asking yourself, “What are the possible perspectives on the issue, and what is my position?”

o    Performing research helps you to narrow your topic and find outside sources that will support your position.

·         Once you have decided on your position, write your essay.

o    Introduction

§  Attention-getter

§  Thesis statement

o    First supporting paragraph(s)

§  Topic sentence

§  Supporting details

o    Second supporting paragraph(s)

§  Topic sentence

§  Supporting details

o    Third paragraph that discusses the counterargument of your topic

o    Conclusion

o    Reference page using APA format that includes 2–4 sources

o    Double-spaced using 12 point, Times New Roman font


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