Ten Common Fallacies Discussion

Now that you have read about the “Ten Common Fallacies” of ethos, pathos, and logos, come up with one example (hypothetical or real) for each one, and explain why that example represents that fallacy.

  • It is highly recommended you try to identify any fallacies present in the six articles you read last week since you will be writing a rhetorical analysis on two of these articles.
  • For real-life examples, you can use the news, a political speech, a television show, a film, or even your own personal experience, etc.
  • If you find an example from an outside source, such as the Internet, please be sure to cite where the meme, video clip, explanation, etc. came from to avoid plagiarism–a URL is fine.
  • Label each fallacy and its examples clearly.
  • Your response should be 400-800 words in length, and you should include this word count in the 5th line of your heading.
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