team paper must include introduction required diagrams and or images

The court system in the United States has a long history. The court system influenced the structure of the courts today and the roles of the major participants in the court process.


For this assignment, create visuals to illustrate various aspects of the court system and process. Be creative with the visuals—you may create tables, matrices, diagrams, graphics, images, or any other types of visuals you would like. Each of the visuals may vary in style as well. Format any information, images, or graphics used from outside sources in the visuals consistent with APA guidelines.


Select and complete one of the following assignments:


Option 1: Court System Visuals Collection

Option 2: Court System Presentation

Option 3: Court System Handout


Option 1: Court System Visuals Collection


Create a collection of 4 to 6 visuals, such as diagrams, images, or matrices that illustrate and explain the following topics:


·        Major historical developments of the U.S. courts.

·        Dual court system of the United States

·        Steps of the pretrial process

·        Six steps necessary for appeal


·        Five philosophical reasons for sentencing criminals and 6 forms of punsihment

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