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Original 3 pages

apa format -10 hrs

I am working on a team paper for that i will be needing approx 2 page of work every week for next 4 weeks. 


For This week


Create a proposed SCM system for your organization. Identify vendors, manufacturing facilities, wholesalers, and a retailer. Determine what strategies you use to manage the supply chain. Consider various software solutions. Present an analysis of your supply chain. Explain the characteristics of your supply chain that may lead to its success. Describe how the SCM system will be implemented in your organization.


We as a team decided to pickup a lumber company to work on bamboo product since the company could grow their own very quickly.  I read on a site the bamboo grows 2 to 3 feet a day until it reaches 45 feet tall and then proceeds to grow 3 to 5 feet more each year.  Easily sustainable to support a large company, and since the bamboo is grown and nothing is cut from nature the product is still environmentally friendly.



  1. Section on SCM strategy we will use.
  2. Section on Software Solution.

I need section 1 and section 2 for this paper (3 full pages with references) in the next 10 hours.
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