please place following 4 references proper apa format

APA Questions: Please create a sample reference page in the space provided below which includes these two references. Make sure that they are in the correct APA format and that the sample reference page is also in the correct format. Do not worry about providing a page number for the reference page itself. Instead, tell me where the page number would be placed. Here are elements associated with each of the references. There may be extra data in a reference or just enough provided. You have to make the choice and then put them in the correct order, with the correct punctuation, and follow APA format to the letter for full credit. (20 points) Item #1: • Title: The Causes and Consequences of Prison Growth in the United States • Author: Marc Mauer • Date of publication: 2001 • Journal: Punishment and society • Volume: 3 • Number: 9 • Pages: 1 to 19 • Publisher: Sage Publishing, Inc. Item #2: • Title: Optimizing Knowledge Transfer by New Employees in Companies. • Author: Von Ledebur • Date of Publication: 2007 • Journal: Knowledge Management Research & Practice • Pages 466 to 485 • Data Base: Sage Publications • DOI Number: doi:10.1057/palgrave.kmrp.8500141 • Journal Editor: Eric Herzik Item #3: Title: Juvenile Probation Administrator’s Desktop Guide • Editors: Thomas, David. Torbet, Paul. • Date of Publication: The month of June in 1997 • Publisher: National Center for Juvenile Justice • Retrieval date: April 1, 2010 • Pages: 376 Item # 4: • Title: Correctional Administration: Integrating Theory and Practice • Author: Richard P. Seiter, Ph.D. • Date of publication: 2002 • Publisher: Prentice Hall • Publisher location: Upper Saddle River, NJ
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