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Task 1

This part evaluate students’ perceptive of Security Architecture.

It is becoming increasingly critical that financial institutions ensure their banking customers are able to access their accounts with the highest reasonable security, using a process that is very straightforward and approachable. Technology has made it possible for hackers to extend their reach to vast number of potential victims through a wide variety of attack vectors. Therefore, banks are required to use a secure architecture to provide convenient and secure online services. Secure architecture can be achieved by having layered security. Layered security is a defensive strategy featuring multiple types of security measures, each protecting against a different vector for attack.

Students are required to do the following tasks:

A. Provide a literature review on layered Security Architecture.

(Hint: This should include: the understanding of layered security concept, detailed description of security layers, advantages and disadvantages of using layered security architecture)

B. As a network security consultant, suggest a layered security architecture for a small company’s network.

(Hint: Your architecture should include five levels of IT infrastructure)

c. The concept of layered security is commonly applied by banking system to provide a secure mobile banking services. From user side, Explore and identify what are security controls in your mBanking application. Evaluate the efficiency of these controls.

(Hint: provide screen shoots for all security messages appears in your application)

MPC (COMP 30019)–Spring –17–CW2 (ASSMNT)–ALL–QP

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