Please make sure to follow the 6 step hypothesis testing format included below. I need this done in 10 hours from now. Please make sure to show ALL work and ALL steps in detail. SIX STEPS FOR HYPOTHESIS TESTING 1. HYPOTHESES State in order: Research Hypothesis Null Hypothesis Alternate Hypothesis Recall the difference between a general research hypthesis which will not be overturned by a single investigation and a simple null and alternate hypothesis. 2. ASSUMPTIONS include: 1. measurement level of data, 2. distributions underlying the data, 3. knowledge or lack of about population characteristics 4. sample size and method, 5. sample characteristics necessary for applying the test statistic, 6. level of significance for testing 3. TEST STATISTIC (or Confidence Interval Structure) 1. structure to be used to test significance levels or set of confidence intervals (be sure to include the equations & notation) 2. special conditions to be met by statistic 4. REJECTION REGION (or Probability Statement) Expected measure of the test statistic as generated from tables or critical valve for a confidence interval. Yes, before you start the calculations you should inform the reader as to how the test will be used to reject of fail to reject the null hypoethesis and the critical value for making the determination. 5. CALCULATIONS (Annotated Spreadsheet) Actual test statistic measure or confidence interval generated including specification of all additional equations used plus notation. May also include sample calculations. Solving any problem is as much an art as a skill. From the skill side you should break the problem down into small parts or modules, these you will then want to continually check using sample calculations, your hand calculator, and other methods to make certain that no errors occur in the solution. Remeber, in the working world no one will check your work unless a tragic error occurs (then of course it’s too late, so instead you must develop skills for continually critiquing whatever you are doing). Breaking problems into smaller parts not only helps in error checking, but also enables you to understand how the data is being manipulated and makes the work much less intimidating. This can provide for further critiquing of the method selected and data set being used. Finally, sample calculations help to insure that calculations are being properly preformed and again provides additional insight as to the manner in which the statistic manipulates the data. Problem solving is also an art. There are very elegant ways of laying out a task which even to the most uninformed reader makes it look simple! And in fact any problem broken down into its constituent parts is quite simple. Second, careful constrution of a spreadsheet enables it to solve more than just the problem at hand. Simple adjustments to the number of rows enables the number of cases to rapidly be altered and an additional problem solved. Finally, as always consider your audiance. Have you provided the clarity that enables others (sometimes experts, sometimes not) to rapidly understand what is being preformed and how. How useful will this work be to you in six months? Will you still understand it? Finally, would this look good in a portfolio? Remeber, annotations are very important. 6. CONCLUSIONS Statement of results or the acceptance, or rejection of the null hypothesis & future direction of research. Should include summary of results in tabular, graphical, or mapped form, plus a discussion of where this research has led you. An answer without proper presentation and discussion is of limited use. All too often textbooks concentrate on right numbers not full presentation of results and thoughtful discussion of where to go next. Again, know your audiance. What helps them grasp the implications of all the difficult work that you have preformed? Ronald Reagan never claimed to be a genius, but he certainly was a master at communicating what he did know. On the other hand, few if any of us will be reading any treaties by Albert Einstien any time soon.
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