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Consider the questions below. Upload your responses to this dropbox in pdf or word format. To stimulate your thinking, consider this quote attributed to Confucius, who was apparently one of the first advocates of the inquiry approach to learning more than 2500 years ago: “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” Next, read the articles “How people learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School” by Bransford et. al. and “Using an inquiry approach to teach science to secondary school science teachers” by McBride et al., which are under Supplements on the Content tab in Carmen (or re­read them if you have already seen them). If teaching is not your chosen career path, you might think about conducting a seminar at your workplace to teach co­workers some skill or technique. Feel free to develop your own scenario. You may draw on sources other than the article and Confucius for your response. We are interested to know what you think and often take suggestions from journals to improve the class. Remember that you receive full points as long as you thoughtfully address the questions, and you are not graded on what you say—there are no right or wrong answers as such. 1. Confucius and McBride, et al. present some benefits and difficulties in teaching science (and other things, more generally) with the inquiry method. Drawing from your experience in this class so far, as well as what you’ve read, how do you think this active learning style of teaching might be more beneficial to students? If you do not believe that a hands­-on teaching approach has benefits over traditional lecture/telling methods, please explain why. 2. How would some of the preparation, requirements, or equipment needs differ for an inquiry teaching approach compared to a traditional lecture format in a classroom?
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