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Discussion Questions

Respond to the following weekly discussion questions.


Week Five Discussion Questions


·         Identify three hotels with which you are familiar. If you were a hotel rater, how would you rate these properties, and why would you rate them as such? Which of the five criteria listed on p. 261 of Introduction to the Hospitality Industry would you use to determine your rating?


·         Choose a type of traveler and create a scenario for a fictitious person. Provide your traveler with a name and describe his or her characteristics and reasons for traveling. You may include where he or she is traveling, how often he or she travels, his or her age, and so forth. Identify one need or preference your traveler may have.


CheckPoint Customer Types


The lodging industry serves a variety of travelers, and each business specializes in a particular type of customer. In this CheckPoint, you review the American Hotel & Lodging Association’s website listed in Introduction to the Hospitality Industry and reflect on the different types of travelers the lodging industry serves.


Review Exercise 1 on p. 306 of Introduction to the Hospitality Industry and answer item b.

Choose three different lodging types and describe in 200 to 300 words the customer to whom each might cater.

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