exactly what i have do my assignment can anyone do me 1 indentify all entities

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE TO DO FOR MY ASSIGNMENT, CAN ANYONE DO THIS FOR ME? 1. Indentify all entities that you would need to track data about for the business case (people, places, things, or events) and list them. 2. Could you use a spreadsheet to keep track of this data? What would be the advantages and disadvantages of doing so? 3. Using Visio or any other drawing software, draw the ERD (attributes, entities, , relationships and cardinalities (e.g. one-to-one, one-to-many) of the database used to support the operations of the business described in the case. The ERD should identify primary keys and foreign keys. 4. Create the data dictionary for your complete data model (Please see attached template datadictionaryTemplate.xls so you can see an example on how to create a data dictionary). 5. Write 2 queries (in SQL or plain English) that a manager could answer using this database. Your queries must each imply the use of at least three tables. 6. Please identify the DMBS technology that you would use to implement the database. Please justify your selection. 7. Your work will be graded based on the rubrics attached (assignment2Rubric.xls). Please check the rubric so you can see how this work will be assessed.
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