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Choose one of the Action Tips presented in Chapter 3 of the textbook and describe the tip, as well as why it is important.  Illustrate your argument with an example.


Action Tip 2—Go to a Good Place


Sometimes preparing to listen well means going to another location where you will not be interrupted, where it’s more quiet or comfortable. Where we listen can have an impact on how we listen. If your organization has physical barriers between you and customers such as a large counter or desk, consider inviting the customer to sit somewhere more conducive to talking. Executives sometimes run the risk of “hiding” behind their large desks, when coming around to stand or sit where the customer can comfortably interact make a better listening environment.


Find places where you are less likely to be interrupted by other people or by noise. Just the act of inviting a person to a better listening place can signal goodwill and a sincere willingness to understand.

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