Cultural Analysis

Select a country and a product (good or service) with the goal of analyzing the potential for product success if that product is to be introduced into the selected country. The first step in the project is to analyze the culture of the country into which the product may be introduced. The Geert-Hofstede link will be very important in this analysis. Some of the following questions may be important in understanding the culture:

  • How do people in the country view relationships among community and family?
  • Are there regional loyalties in the country?
  • How do people feel about change and risk taking?
  • Are there religious issues that need to be considered?
  • How welcoming are people to outsiders?
  • Is the culture male- or female- dominated?

Here is what you need to do for the assignment:

  • Compile information about that country from the Geert-Hofstede and the Culture Crossing links below to compile a concise snapshot of core elements of the country’s culture. For the purpose of this paper use a concise tool like Geert-Hofstede to offer a quick overview of the core cultural aspects of the country and add details from the Culture Crossing link.
  • Use the country comparison tool of Geert-Hofstede to assess how you would need to engage differently with that culture
  • Do a high level analysis of the applicability of the product you are thinking about to the country chosen. For example the Big Mac will not be well received in India if it is made with beef.
  • Begin the exploration for the product you will sell in this country. Find a product from Concordia’s online library look at IBIS world’s list of products and companies and choose one as you will find adequate data for the course on that site. At this stage you do not need all the details just the core product but you are investing some time to lock into a product for Week 6 more detailed analysis.

Suggested Resources:

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