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Social & Ethical:  Discuss some of the current social and ethical issues in today’s world.


Discuss some of ethical and social issues facing business and users.


Your grade will be determined on how:


    Thoroughly you address the topic and demonstrate complete understanding

    Your comments make vividly clear references to topics

    Your comments include specific details

    Your comments are well-supported by outside sources

    Your comments are articulate and show a deep level of thought

    Your writing is well-organized, unified, and error-free

    You should cite at least 3 outside sources. 


There are many issues facing businesses in today’s world and how they use technology.  Monitoring employees is a major concern for many companies and employees.  This topic is a little more open than the previous forums.


Some possible interesting topics: 


Companies that ask for your Facebook password during the interview process.  Do you think this is ethical?  How is it being used?  How can you protect yourself?


Tracking employees:  If a company provides a laptop, tablet, smartphone or car to their employees … should they have the right to monitor where they go?  Off hours?


Should companies monitor employee’s computer usage?  Can you be fired for posting negative comments about employer?


What do you think about that awful website … “Rate My Professor”? 🙂


Is it ethical to anonymously post negative and possibly inaccurate information?  


What would you do if you saw a negative posting about yourself on a site called “Rate My Student”?  Example:  “Don is a complete slacker; he sets low personal standards and fails to meet them.  Do not let him into your class or you will be sorry for the entire semester!”  


Or would you be more careful if the person / business could find out who you were and sue you?  (Or possibly change your grade?  🙂  )


Yelp Lawsuit Could Expose Anonymous Online Commenters


Some ethical concerns about Yelp



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