Accounting-Planning and Control: reading memo, homework help

Required Reading Critiques:

Four critiques of separate Required Readings (journal articles assigned for the classes) in MEMO format. Critiques must be handed in in hard copy as per due dates in the syllabus at the beginning of class. These must incorporate an analysis of how the class discussion altered or supported your prior interpretation of the topic. Each report should be a maximum of one page and typed.

The primary purpose of the critiques is to demonstrate professional writing skills and critical thinking. Just a summary of the article is not sufficient.

For instance, the memo might also include, but is not limited to the following:

(a) Questions or issues that were generated by the reading, or points not understood;

(b) Points of agreement or disagreement (specify reasons why you agree or disagree);

(c) Relationships between this reading and other readings;

(d) Relationships between this reading and present, past or future experiences; or

(e) Application of the reading to your present, past or future work situation.

This is the requirement about this assignment, and I will update the required reading article for you, please read the article first and then following the requirement to write the memo. The important thing is the big size sentences, that just assume you are in the class, and just discusses it. We discussed No. 6 a lot, and also No. 1 and No. 4, you can assume to be discussed based on that.

I also update the assignment example to you, but don’t be write it similar with that. It just got 1.5 marks from 2, and it a little bit short, so please write it better than the example assignment for 500 words. Thank you so much~ Hope we can long-term cooperation!

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