accounting paper of comparative analytical project


2 pages of size 11 double space. no need cover page

APA format

ONLY using the annual report (2015) that i provided.

the detail will be posted on the pictures that i took. this it the group work project, part 6 (d) and (e) is mine. so you only need to do those two of comparing two companies.

ACCT 3357-International Accounting Group Report

George Weston Ltd. (Canada) & Wesfarmers Ltd. (Australia)

Using 2015 Annual Report

Part 6

Balance Sheet: Describe/determine and evaluate the following suggested items:

a,General form and content of the balance sheet;

b. Basis of valuation of inventory;

c. Basis of valuation of receivables and marketable securities;

d. Method of accounting for Inter-corporate investments of various types;

e. Presentation of long-term debt;

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