22pr assignment

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Topic – 22PR Project

Assignment Instructions

Last Changed: 8/6/2014 4:12 AM



What to Turn In


Read and follow the directions below carefully, and perform the steps in the order listed. You will be turning in your work electronically via a submitted assignment within Eagle Online. Make sure and check your work prior to submission of the assignment.


Note: Anytime we ask you to name a folder or file with lastname_firstname_, it always means you are to change the word lastname to your last name and the firstname to your first name.


·         Create a folder named lastname_firstname_HTML.


·         You will be doing the following three exercises. Each of these exercises will have you create web pages. Make sure all the web pages are saved in the folder above. If the web pages use any graphic files, make sure the graphic files are also saved in the above folder.


1.      Project Part 1 Assignment

2.      Project Part 2 Assignment

3.      Project Part 3 Assignment


·         Using your zip program, zip the lastname_firstname_HTML folder. Be sure the name of the zipped file is lastname_firstname_HTML.zip.


Submitting Assignment


Zip the Lastname_Firstname_HTML folder and submit the zip using the 22PR HTML Project UPLOAD link within Topic 22 in Eagle Online.

Note: If you need to review how to upload a file into Eagle Online review the 03FM Assignment Instructions.


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